Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization

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Upper Tuscarawas River Water Action Plan (text)


A      Ohio EPA Use Attainment Status and Causes and Sources of Impairment for Monitored
        Stream Segments in the Upper Tuscarawas River Drainage Area

B      Non-Discharging (Non-Mechanical) Semi-Public Sewage Disposal Systems
C      Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUSTs) Report
D      Ohio Department of Health Fish Consumption Advisories
E      An Introduction to the 1997 Master Sites List (MSL) Annual Report
F      June 22 and August 18, 1998 Portage Lakes Task Force (PLTF) Meeting Materials
G      October 14 and 21, 1998 Portage Lakes Task Force (PLTF) Meeting Materials
H      Brief Summary of the Ohio Comparative Risk Project
I       Ranking of 24 Potential Pollution Sources for Each Subwatershed of the Upper Tuscarawas
        River Watershed

J       Portage Lakes Wetland
K       Karlo Fen State Nature Preserve
L       Portage Lakes State Park
M      Natural Heritage Records
N      Inventory and Status of Unique Species, Features and Preserve Code Sheet
O      Ohio EPA Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index Fact Sheet
P       Riparian Inventories
Q      Portage Lakes Task Force Mailing List
R      Abbreviations/Acronyms Used in the Watershed Action Plan
S      List of Funding Sources in Ohio
T      Completed Questionnaires Pertaining to the Watershed Action Plan