Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization

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The Nimishillen Creek watershed is located in northeast Ohio, and drains 188 square miles. Larger municipalities in the watershed include the cities of Canton, Louisville, North Canton, East Canton, and Green. Row crop agriculture is dominant in the north and northeastern portions of the watershed. The City of Canton and several industries are located in the center of the watershed; significant point source discharges include the Canton WWTP, Marathon Petroleum, and the Timkin Corporation. Land development in the rural and undeveloped portions of the watershed is occurring at a slow rate.

Major causes of impairment are nutrients, bacteria, organic enrichment, flow alteration and degraded habitats. Major sources of impairment include municipal and industrial point sources, urban run-off, home septic systems, and nonpoint source pollution and habitat degradation associated with farming practices and drainage improvements (Ohio EPA, 2009).

Nimishillen Creek Watershed - State Action Plan

The intent of the Nimishillen Creek Watershed Action Plan is to:

  1. Develop a plan to protect and/or restore the water quality of the Nimishillen Creek and its tributaries to meet state water quality standards and ensure the health and safety of watershed residents.
  2. Raise public awareness, especially among the watershed's residents, of the pollution sources and solutions in the Nimishillen Creek Watershed.
  3. Consolidate existing watershed information from previous reports and studies into a single user-friendly report; as well as, create a reporting format that can easily be updated when new information becomes available.