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The Summit Brownfields Revitalization Program provides funds for Phase I and II environmental site assessments within the county.  Other activities related to environmental investigations may also be eligible for funding.

What are brownfields?
In Ohio, brownfields are defined as abandoned or underutilized properties, including but not limited to industrial and commercial facilities, where redevelopment or expansion may be complicated by possible environmental contamination (real or perceived).

Specific examples of sites which could qualify as brownfields include: abandoned gas stations, old factory and mill complexes, foundries, junkyards, mine-scarred lands, and other under-utilized or abandoned properties.

What is an assessment?
An assessment is an investigation of the brownfields property. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) involves a review of public records, a site inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors, and local government officials to determine the history of the property. If a Phase I ESA identifies potential site contamination, a Phase II may be needed. In a Phase II ESA, the firm will collect samples for laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of hazardous materials on-site. NEFCO's program does not provide funds to clean up a brownfield.

Who can apply for an assessment grant?
Local governments, non-profit organizations, businesses, private landowners, and developers may participate in the program, which is only for properties located in Summit County.  Properties characterized by contamination caused or contributed by the current owner are not eligible for a grant.  The owner/applicant of a site must not be delinquent on real or personal property taxes, fees, assessments, or other charges owed to the County or local jurisdiction.

What kinds of sites will be selected?

Properties must meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency eligibility requirements.  Sites with an end user and which will lead to the retention and/or creation of jobs will receive higher priority.

How to apply
A site nomination form is currently available (pdf).  Applicants must first nominate a site.  Sites that are selected to continue in the program will receive an application for funding assistance from NEFCO.  Receiving the application does not guarantee funding.  Funding requests will be reviewed and prioritized. The NEFCO General Policy Board will make the final determination of funding.  Completed nomination forms may be submitted via e-mail, mailed or faxed to NEFCO:

Ohio Building
175 South Main St., Room 211
Akron, Ohio  44308
(330) 643-8514  PHONE
(330) 643-5046  (FAX)

For more information, view the Program Procedures document here.

View the U.S. EPA’s video, shown at the 2015 National Brownfields Conference, and highlighting Northeast Ohio’s successful redevelopment of brownfield properties.

NEFCO’s brownfields efforts to date: 

Since starting our brownfields assessment program in October 2012, our involvement with jumpstarting brownfields redevelopment has led to over $13.8 million in investment in Summit County properties.  Nearly $12.5 million of this total represents investment from the private sector.


The Summit Brownfields Revitalization Program was featured in the January 2016 issue of Dateline, the monthly newsletter of the Ohio Economic Development Association. The article, with photos, can be read here.


NEFCO is developing a brownfields inventory for Summit County.  The submission of a site nomination form will assist NEFCO with this inventory

NEFCO is the lead recipient of a Brownfields Coalition Assessment Grant through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  With our coalition members, the Development Finance Authority of Summit County, and Summit County Public Health, NEFCO has developed a program for Summit County communities that provides funds for Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, Remedial Action Plans, and other activities to characterize brownfields.

Brownfields Program Procedures

Nomination Form for Environmental Site Assessments


NEFCO has completed environmental site assessments of the following properties.  For more information about the reports listed below, please call NEFCO.

The Former Edwin Shaw Hospital (Lakemore Village)

111 West Avenue (City of Tallmadge)

333 Northeast Avenue

1659 & 1701 South Front Street (Cuyahoga Falls) (View Fact Sheet)

1745 South Front Street (Cuyahoga Falls)

25 West Miller Avenue (Akron) (View Fact Sheet)

8997 Darrow Road (Twinsburg)

Players Barn, 1039 Streetsboro Road (Peninsula)

475 and 489 South High Street (Akron) (View Fact Sheet)

1495 Copley Road (Akron)

Mallison-Moon Street Property (Akron)

The Former Mud Run Gun Club

The former Mud Run Gun Club (Cuyahoga Falls)

West Emerling Property (Akron)

The former Ida B. Wells Property/815 Copley Road (Akron)

The former Ace Discount Tire Company/1853 Copley Road (Copley)

346 Morgan Avenue (Akron)

1816 South Front Street (Cuyahoga Falls)

94 & 100 Owen Brown Street – Windstream Property (City of Hudson)

3969 Congress Parkway – Highpoint Trucking Terminal (Village of Richfield)