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Middle Cuyahoga River Watershed

132 square miles General Location: Northeast Ohio, portions of Summit, Portage, and Stark Counties

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12-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUCs) are used to designate subwatersheds for grant proposals. Click on the right-hand map to see subwatersheds, 12-digit HUCs, and communities. Click here for a list of communities.

The Watershed Action Plan is divided into three volumes:


Problem Statements, Goals, and Actions - by Subwatershed (Vol. II)

Photo Inventory by Subwatershed

In writing grant proposals, check the Actions and Goals for each subwatershed to determine the specific actions listed in the plan and the gen






Latest News - January 2013:

The Watershed Action Plan is fully endorsed! Please reference it when you write grant proposals. Links to sections and summaries are forthcoming. click here for full plan

Welcome to the Watershed Plan

What subwatershed is my community in?

Concerns and goals summary table


Meetings - Intro to plan and discussion of upcoming projects

- Friday, Feb. 1 - 10 a.m. Kent Fire Dept. Training Room

- Friday, Feb. 8 - 10 a.m. Cuyahoga Falls City Hall Conference Room A 2nd floor

Purpose of plan: to provide a framework to coordinate water quality improvement activities within the watershed. External funding agencies often give priority to activities listed in a state-endorsed plan.

Plan may be updated/amended periodically with additional objectives/changes. Plan must be updated in 5 years. Actions in this plan are listed in a 10-year time frame. No penalties for not achieving objectives.

Planning process began in 2008, with assistance from communities and organizations, including local communities, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, County agencies, health departments, university faculty, individuals, conservation groups, and park districts. Endorsement expected by the end of 2012.

September 14, 2012 - Draft Watershed Action Plan has been submitted for review to Ohio DNR. See links below for the Draft WAP and summary tables/sections. Some changes can still be made. Substantial changes to objectives will be submitted as an amendment/update after the basic plan is endorsed.

Middle Cuyahoga River Draft WAP Sections - These are near-final draft - fully endorsed sections have not been added yet - note: use .pdf bookmarks to navigate sections

Individual Section



Contents, lists of tables and figures



Sect. 1-3

Introduction; General watershed information; organization

Sect. 4 thru 4a-iiia

Inventory – general watershed characteristics; geology; topography; soils; biological resources; species of concern; climate

Sect. 4a-iiib thru 4a-iiic

Surface water; wetlands; stream characteristics; groundwater

Sect. 4a-iv through 4c

Land cover – land cover, impervious surfaces, agriculture, impervious surfaces, septic systems, protected lands; historic/cultural resources; current status and trends – land use

Sect. 4d

Physical attributes of streams – pre-settlement; channel, floodplain, riparian corridor conditions; altered channels; dams & petition ditches; status trends; expected development

Sect. 4e

Designated use and attainment – lakes, wetlands, streams, groundwater; point sources – permitted discharges, CSOs, spills; non-point sources – septic systems, animal feeding operations, new homes; water quality status/trends

Sect. 5

Impairments – pollutant loading by land use; habitat and hydrologic concerns; problem areas and priorities for conservation

Sect. 6

General Implementation Discussion

  • Vol. II Sect. 7-9 – Problems, Goals, Objectives, End Pieces   - whole document

Sect. 7

Intro to section/problem statements

Table 7-1

Summary of Actions – Whole watershed

Sect. 8-9

Monitoring and updating

  • Sect. 7 Sub-watershed summaries, summary action tables, detailed action tables

Summary of Conditions

Action Item Summary (table 3)

Detailed Action Tables - Problem Statement/ Goals/ Objectives Tables (Tables 4.1 thru 4x)

Main Stem

Table summary

Maps - Problem areas Conservation

Main Stem

Main Stem action tables  4.1-4.10

Fish Creek

Fish Cr.

Fish Cr. action tables  4.1-4.6

Plum Creek

Plum Cr.

Plum Cr. action tables  4.1-4.6

Breakneck Cr.

Breakneck Cr

Breakneck Cr. tables  4.1-4.8

Potter Cr.

Potter Cr.

Potter Cr. action tables  4.1-4.4


To comment or request sections by hard copy, please contact Maia Peck, Middle Cuyahoga River Watershed Coordinator, NEFCO, 175 S. Main St., Room 211, Akron, OH 44308 330-643-8514