Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization

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Executive Committee Members*

Mary Helen Smith, Chairwoman
Rob Kastner, Vice-Chairman

Portage County:     Eric Long, Portage SWCD
                                Bill Schesventer, City of Kent
                                Ron Etling, Portage County Commissioners’ Representative
                                Todd Peetz, Portage County Regional Planning Commission
                                Tia Rutledge, Portage County Water Resources Department
                                Patrick Jeffers, City of Ravenna
                                Mary Helen Smith, Portage County Health Department
                                Ann Womer Benjamin, City of Aurora
Stark County:          John Weedon, Stark SWCD
                                Paul Wilson, City of Canton
                                Jim Troike, Stark County Sanitary Engineer
                                Todd Paulus, Stark County Health Department
                                Amy Elliott, City of Alliance
                                Rachel Forchione, Stark County Regional Planning Commission
                                Jason Popiel, City of Massillon
Summit County:      Chris Campbell, City of Twinsburg
                                Tony Demasi, City of Cuyahoga Falls
                                Genny Hanna, City of Akron
                                Alison Rogalski, Summit County Public Health
                                Michael Vinay, Summit County Sanitary Sewer Services
                                Trevor Hunt, City of Barberton
                                Stephanie Deibel, Summit SWCD
                                Ilene Shapiro, Summit County Executive
                                David White, Summit County Engineer’s Office

Wayne County:       Becky Foster, Wayne County Commissioner
                                Bob Hempel, Wayne County Health Department
                                Pete Wearstler, Wayne County Planning Department
                                Trish Nuskievicz, Wayne SWCD
                                Nathan Coey, Utilities Manager, City of Wooster
                                Steve Wheeler, Safety-Service Director, City of Orrville
                                Steve Wolfe, Wayne County Environmental Services

Josh Garretson, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
                                Ohio Department of Health
                                Vacant, Cuyahoga Valley National Park
                                Catherine Hadidon, Ohio EPA-NEDO
                                Thomas Holmes, Ohio Department of Agriculture

*Certain members appointments are pending.

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