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Clean Water Plan (CWP) Chapter 3 Update – November 18, 2020

The Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization (NEFCO) was designated by the Governor of Ohio under Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act to perform areawide planning.  Together with local public officials throughout the region, NEFCO has formulated an update of its Clean Water Plan (208 Plan) Chapter 3 Wastewater Management Facilities Planning.  NEFCO values the input provided by the public in the preparation of this 208 Plan update.

The first Clean Water Plan (208 Plan) for the NEFCO region was completed in 1979.  This Plan focused considerable attention on public investments in wastewater treatment facilities and point source water pollution.  These efforts produced a remarkable recovery in the region’s water quality.  Updates to the 208 Plan occurred in 2003 for the Lake Erie Basin of the NEFCO region and in 2005 for the Ohio River Basin of the NEFCO region when the prime concerns became threats to water quality from nonpoint source pollutants and storm water runoff.  The last comprehensive update to the 208 Plan and all its chapters for both basins in the NEFCO region was completed in 2011; and it focuses on the issues relevant to protecting and restoring water resources in the NEFCO region, including wastewater management facilities planning, management of household sewage treatment systems, nonpoint source pollution, stormwater runoff, protection of regionally important water resources, and watershed planning.

On November 18, 2020, the NEFCO General Policy Board approved an update to CWP Chapter 3 Wastewater Management Facilities Planning.  The products of the 2020 Chapter 3 update are the updated Chapter 3 text and Appendices, which are the individual facilities planning area maps and written wastewater treatment prescriptions, and an interactive online 208 Plan map that enables the viewer to pan and zoom to see how an area of interest is presented in the Plan.  Prior to Board approval, the 2020 Chapter 3 update underwent public review and was recommended for approval by the NEFCO Environmental Resources Technical Advisory Committee (ERTAC) on October 7, 2020.  With Board approval on November 18, 2020, the Ohio EPA can immediately begin using the CWP update when it considers the issuance of permits-to-install (PTIs) for wastewater treatment facility improvements and sewer extensions, and the granting of facility improvement loans. It is important to note that it would be a violation of the Clean Water Act if the Ohio EPA were to issue a PTI or grant a facility improvement loan when a proposed project is in conflict with the CWP.  On December 30, 2020, the Board-approved CWP update was submitted to Ohio EPA for certification by the Governor and inclusion in the state water quality management plan as part of the next state plan update.  Once this is done, the Ohio EPA will submit this update and those from the other Areawide Planning Agencies to USEPA for approval, along with Ohio EPA’s update for areas that are not within an Areawide’s region.

The 2020 CWP Chapter 3 update products are listed below with the dates they were approved by the NEFCO Board.  Future updates to the CWP Chapter 3 Appendices will also be listed below with Board approval dates.  For questions regarding the CWP Chapter 3 update, please contact Tom LaPlante by email at or by calling him at 330-643-5042. 

The interactive CWP (208 Water Quality Management Plan) on-line map allows viewers to zoom and pan to locations of interest. It shows the NEFCO region’s facilities planning areas (FPAs) and general wastewater treatment prescriptions with links to the specific prescriptions found in the Chapter 3 Appendices for any point on the map. Click the link to access the map: NEFCO Region CWP online map.


Clean Water Plan Section

Last GPB Approved Update

Title Page and Table of Contents 12-21-11
Executive Summary 12-21-11
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview 12-21-11
Chapter 2: Current Conditions and Project Development 4-17-13
Chapter 3: Wastewater Management Facilities Planning 11/18/2020
- Ch. 3: Appendices 3-1 to 3-55
see below
Chapter 4: The Management of Home Sewage Treatment Systems, Semi-Public Disposal Systems, and Small Flow On-site Sewage Treatment System 12-21-11
Chapter 5: Management of Nonpoint Source Pollution and Storm Water Runoff 12-21-11
Chapter 6: Protection of Regionally Important Water Resources 12-21-11
Chapter 7: Urban Stream Restoration Plans 12-21-11
Chapter 8: Watershed Planning Approaches in the NEFCO Region 12-21-11
Chapter 9: Management Agency and Community Involvement 12-21-11
Chapter 10: Ongoing Areawide Water Quality Management Planning 12-21-11
Chapter 11: Process for Local Approval and State Certification of the Plan 12-21-11
Glossary 12-21-11
Acronyms 12-21-11
Resources 12-21-11


Chapter 3 Appendices
Appendix FPA Name County GPB Approved Update(s)
3-1 NEFCO Region Facilities Planning Areas (FPAs)   11/18/2020
3-2 Portage County FPAs Portage 11/18/2020
3-3 Atwater FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-4 Aurora FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-5 Hiram - Garrettsville FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-6 Hudson - Streetsboro FPA Portage, Summit 11/18/2020
3-7 Kent FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-8 Mantua FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-9 Randolph FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-10 Ravenna FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-11 Windham FPA Portage 11/18/2020
3-12 Prescriptions for the Balance of the Portage County Regional Sewer District in the Cuyahoga and Grand River Watersheds; no prescriptions for the Mahoning River Watershed Portage 11/18/2020
3-13 Stark County FPAs Stark 11/18/2020
3-14 Alliance FPA Stark, Mahoning, Columbiana 11/18/2020
3-15 Beach City - Wilmot FPA Stark 11/18/2020
3-16 Bolivar FPA Stark, Tuscarawas 11/18/2020
3-17 Brewster FPA Stark 11/18/2020
3-18 Canal Fulton FPA Stark, Summit, Wayne 11/18/2020
3-19 Canton - Nimishillen Basin FPA Stark, Summit 11/18/2020
3-20 East Sparta FPA Stark, Tuscarawas 11/18/2020
3-21 Hartville FPA Stark, Portage 11/18/2020
3-22 Massillon FPA Stark 11/18/2020
3-23 Minerva FPA Stark, Carroll, Columbiana 11/18/2020
3-24 Navarre FPA Stark 11/18/2020
3-25 Waynesburg - Magnolia FPA Stark, Carroll 11/18/2020
3-26 Prescriptions for the Balance of Stark County Metropolitan Sewer District's Jurisdiction Stark 11/18/2020
3-27 Summit County FPAs Summit 11/18/2020
3-28 Akron FPA Summit, Portage 11/18/2020
3-29 Barberton - Wolf Creek FPA Summit 11/18/2020
3-30 Cuyahoga Valley Interceptor (CVI) FPA Summit, Cuyahoga 11/18/2020
3-31 Fish Creek FPA Summit, Portage 11/18/2020
3-32 Franklin - Green FPA Summit 11/18/2020
intentionally left blank Pond Brook FPA
Merged with the Twinsburg FPA
(May 17, 2017)
Summit 11/18/2020
3-33 Springfield No. 91 FPA Summit, Portage, Stark 11/18/2020
3-34 Twinsburg FPA Summit 11/18/2020
3-35 Prescriptions for the Balance of Summit County Metropolitan Sewer District's Jurisdiction (NOT AVAILABLE)   11/18/2020
3-36 Wayne County FPAs Wayne 11/18/2020
3-37 Apple Creek FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-38 Burbank FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-39 Creston FPA Wayne, Medina 11/18/2020
3-40 Dalton FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-41 Doylestown FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-42 Fredericksburg FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-43 Kidron FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-44 Marshallville FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-45 Mt. Eaton FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-46 Orrville FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-47 Rittman FPA Wayne, Medina 11/18/2020
3-48 Shreve FPA Wayne, Holmes 11/18/2020
3-49 Smithville FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-50 West Salem FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-51 Wooster FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-52 Wayne County Airport FPA (new) Wayne 11/18/2020
3-53 Wayne County Gingery FPA (new) Wayne 11/18/2020
3-54 Wayne County Lincoln Way FPA Wayne 11/18/2020
3-55 Prescriptions for the Balance of Wayne County Office of Environmental Services Jurisdiction Wayne 11/18/2020
3-56 NEFCO Population Projections All 12-21-11
3-56 NEFCO Population Projections - Portage County Portage 12-21-11
3-56 NEFCO Population Projections - Stark County Stark 12-21-11
3-56 NEFCO Population Projections - Summit County Summit 12-21-11
3-56 NEFCO Population Projections - Wayne County Wayne 12-21-11
3-57 2010 Population Census Summary for the NEFCO Region All 12-21-11

Once the 2020 Census data is available, and Ohio has updated its county population projections, NEFCO will consider, with the assistance of its members, updates to its local government projections.

Other Clean Water Plan Documents:

Ohio Certification and USEPA Approval of NEFCO's 11-18-20 Amendments (pending)
NEFCO General Policy Board (GPB) Clean Water Plan Resolution (11-18-20)
Public Comment Responsiveness Summary (11-18-20)

Clean Water Plan Contact:
Tom LaPlante
Environmental/Water Quality Planner
175 S. Main Street, Suite 211
Akron, OH 44308